Monday, March 7, 2011

SpRinG sIgNS....

Some signs of spring...

**Cardinals and other wonderful birds are out and about and very vocal!

**These said birds have HUGENORMOUS abdomens!

**Your shoes get stuck in the mud...and your foot is quickly released from it!

**There is sun out to greet you before 6:30am!

**The kids can now go outside without their snow pants...although play clothes are a mess when they come in (see above mud point)

**Winter coats find themselves on the car floor more than they do on their owner's back!

**The thought of putting on AND LEAVING the house in flip-flops is not totally crazy!

**God's amazing world starts to bloom and show life again!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

MOPS Reminder

Thursday, March 10 ....same time, same place!  

Spring break is just around the corner.  And for some, this means excitement because spring weather follows that!!  

However, for some it brings stress and anxiety.  "What am I going to do with my kids for a week so they don't beat up each other and I don't pull all my hair out?"  

Well...join us to hear about some fun (and inexpensive) places to take your family for some fun!  And feel free to bring information about some of your favorite "family fun" places.

Fruit will be provided by Nursology
Food will be provided by Fixology and Homology

Happy Birthday to you.....

Christine S.- March 4
Trisha F. - March 5

Tracy S. - March 6

Sharon F.- March 8

Joy H. - March 8

Kimberly B. - March 13

Amber C. -March 15

Heather W. - March 22

Cheryl S. - March 23