Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Toy Drive

Hey there, moms...

  Just a reminder...Amber C. is doing a toy drive for the Rockford and Freeport area.  All the toys she gets will head over to the Salvation Drive to go out to single parent homes and/or low income families who otherwise may not be able to get anything for Christmas.
  So whether you got some great deals on "Black Friday" that you could spare or you have a tug on your heart to go above and beyond to give something, the donation box will be at our Dec. 9th MOPS meeting.  
    The gifts are to be UNwrapped.  So no extra time needed on wrapping!  
Again, thank you for opening your heart at this time of year, that can be filled with so many blessings and yet for some is very painful and empty!  

God Bless You

FHN Tree

What is the best way to enjoy the holidays?? with our family!  So head over to The Freeport Public Library Dec 5th-10th and vote for our MOPS tree!  Enjoy the beauty of our tree and of course...feel free to cast your vote for it as well!

Monday, November 29, 2010

T-Minus ONE WEEK...

So it feels like forever since out last MOPS meeting!  And the end of our MOPS drought is creepin' up on us!  

Next week on December 9, we will be having our final MOPS of 2010!  We will have a laid back meeting with brunch,  LOTS of mama socializing time and an awesome message from one of our mentor moms!  

So keep your eyes peeled for more details and reminders to come soon.....

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thank you

I can not tell you all enough what a warm and real feeling I get from our MOPS meetings.  You ladies are all amazing!!  I love when people, who do not even know each other, can get together and be transparent...not perfect, but REAL!!!  That is what God wants so why should we want anything less?  I am a better person for having crossed paths with all of you and am very thankful for such a wonderful group of women.   

Thank you ladies and God bless you!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Toy Drive

     Ladies...I know that it is hard to get gifts for our own family and friends at Christmas.  But according to the Lord, we are all his children, which means we are all brothers and sisters in Christ!
     There are children out there, in our neighborhoods, that do not get anything for Christmas.  I know we are inundated at this time of the year with fundraisers and donation opportunities, but imagine this child as your own or your child's friend!  What an impact you could make....for a LIFETIME!!
      There is a toy drive that will end on December 5 and you can bring your toys to MOPS or call Amber C. to make arrangements to drop off/ pick up. The toys will be given out in our community (Freeport) and Rockford to low income/single parent homes.  The goal is to fill up the back of a pick-up truck, driven by one of our own moms, Amber C., and donate them to the 12 hour Salvation Drive in Rockford.
        So, when you are scoring those awesome pre-holiday deals, grab a couple extra, knowing what an impact you will be making to an entire family!

Thanks for caring and considering!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Come one come all to MOPS....

This Thursday is our next MOPS meeting.     We are going to hear testimonies form three of our MOPS moms about what they are thankful for!  We will also be filling up shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child...so bring in your completed boxes from home.  If you have some empty ones and goodies to put in them, bring those too! 

**Check-in for MOPPETS will not begin until 9:10.  Also, you need to check-in child first, then head down to the nursery.  
**Also, if your have a child going upstairs (2y-Kind.), you do NOT need to check them in downstairs, just head up and check them in in their room!
**Make sure you have a fresh diaper on those babies before leaving them in the nursery.  Ad please take your toddlers potty before you leave them as well.
Yummy food provided by zoology and fruit by audiology!

**And we will be finishing up our yearbook pictures this meeting and at our Christmas meeting.  So come ready to smile if you haven't had your picture taken yet :)**

See you on Thursday!! 

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Shoe boxes

We need shoe boxes to fill for our next MOPS meeting.  If you have any laying around and wouldn't mind putting them towards our Operation Christmas Child project, bring 'em in.  It would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks ladies

Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Birthday to you...

Nov. 1- Nikki K
Go do something for YOU and ENJOY!!

Nov. 16- Heather R.

Nov. 20- Julie M.

Nov.  21- Michelle K.

Nov. 21-  Morgan L.

Nov. 24-  Robyn J.

Nov. 25- Kim N.

Nov. 29- Christy Y.