Monday, October 25, 2010

MOPS this Thursday

     Get ready to take notes and warm up your scissors and printers!  IT IS TIME TO COUPON!!!  Angie Nordbrock will give us a lesson in successful couponing. And to continue on the smart spending topic...Kori Mauch will be going through meal planning on a budget!  Two things that will enhance your life AND lower your stress, I am sure!  

MOPPETS check-in begins at 9:15am.  
*****Please have fresh diapers on non-potty trained children and please take potty trained ones to the bathroom before check-in.*****
Meeting is 9:30-11:15am.

I know there has been some mix-up in the food groups, we will all be on the same track next time :).  This week, though,  snacks will be provided by anesthesiology (food) and criminology (fruit)

***And a quick reminder, we will be finishing up pictures for our "yearbook" this week! ***

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