Monday, January 17, 2011

Hearts at Home

   Hearts at Home is a very unique and wonderful ministry!  It was started by Jill Savage (who visited Park Hills last year) and is all about being a child of God, a mom, a wife and a friend!  

   It is being held on the campus of ISU in Bloomington/Normal.  This year it is March 11-12.  Registration may be done online at and I believe you can call and register.  There is a fee for the conference.  And the amount depends on when you attend.  

                    BUT....DON"T LET MONEY STOP YOU!!!

   Hearts at home offers scholarships to moms.   So if you would love to go but money is THE only thing stopping you....check out their website (listed above in blue) and/or talk to Nikki S. at MOPS.  Money is not an obstacle that you should have in trying to better yourself as a woman and in a Christ-based setting!!  

   So check out the Website....Early registration ends Feb. 9.  It is a HUGE SAVINGS TO REGISTER BEFORE THIS DATE!!!  But you may still do late registration from Feb. 10-March 2.  You will need to have a place to stay if you are planning on doing both days (MOMS night out is not an early night).  There are many budget hotels in the area that are offering deals and are totally budget friendly.....again, however, THEY BOOK FAST!  

     Here is your to do list on this MLK Day...
1.  Go to
2.  Figure out what seminars best fit you and your family.
3.  Check out the scholarship info, if that is something you need.
4.  Register (you can use credit/debit or pay pal online and you may still be able to send in a check).
5.  Get jazzed that you will get a weekend that is KID-FREE..and line up your childcare. (NO children are allowed in the seminars...not even if nursing.  Check out their website for info and answers on this topic).
6.  Get your room or talk around with other MOPS moms to see if they are going and if they would mind having another roommate.  (very cost effective and you never know what kind of wonderful friendships can be made :)).
7.  Then smile...Cuz you are about to have a PHENOMENAL weekend full of laughing, crying, encouragement, friends and alot of GOD!!


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