Sunday, October 9, 2011


Happy October!

How about this weather!?  God's Season of Autumn is sure GoRgEoUs lately! Now that the school routine has been in full swing for two months, it is time for some Battles to reappear!  The newness of school, seeing friends again, and a new teacher wear off.  The earlier dusk, cooler weather and late nights with Friday night football begin.  And so do the new battles.  The "mom, I'm bored."  And the "I don't want to do anymore homework"   begin to roll in!  So how appropriate, that this week we are talking about just that!  BATTLESHIP!!

Battleship:  And the How to Discipline without making it a battle!  LOVE THAT!  I am sure we all try to be patient and encouraging 100% of the time.  But God made us HuMaN!  And let's be real, sometimes we  raise our voices and are short.  And that is...well.....not really effective! Am I alone here?!  Yeah, didn't think so!

So, join us, this Thursday, October 13 for Battleship!  Leave encouraged and with some new tools for making a more peaceful home!  Come to chat, refuel, and enjoy some delicious food!

Food Provided by Monopoly, Mad Gab and Jenga!

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