Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Toy Drive

Hey there, moms...

  Just a reminder...Amber C. is doing a toy drive for the Rockford and Freeport area.  All the toys she gets will head over to the Salvation Drive to go out to single parent homes and/or low income families who otherwise may not be able to get anything for Christmas.
  So whether you got some great deals on "Black Friday" that you could spare or you have a tug on your heart to go above and beyond to give something, the donation box will be at our Dec. 9th MOPS meeting.  
    The gifts are to be UNwrapped.  So no extra time needed on wrapping!  
Again, thank you for opening your heart at this time of year, that can be filled with so many blessings and yet for some is very painful and empty!  

God Bless You

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