Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Toy Drive

     Ladies...I know that it is hard to get gifts for our own family and friends at Christmas.  But according to the Lord, we are all his children, which means we are all brothers and sisters in Christ!
     There are children out there, in our neighborhoods, that do not get anything for Christmas.  I know we are inundated at this time of the year with fundraisers and donation opportunities, but imagine this child as your own or your child's friend!  What an impact you could make....for a LIFETIME!!
      There is a toy drive that will end on December 5 and you can bring your toys to MOPS or call Amber C. to make arrangements to drop off/ pick up. The toys will be given out in our community (Freeport) and Rockford to low income/single parent homes.  The goal is to fill up the back of a pick-up truck, driven by one of our own moms, Amber C., and donate them to the 12 hour Salvation Drive in Rockford.
        So, when you are scoring those awesome pre-holiday deals, grab a couple extra, knowing what an impact you will be making to an entire family!

Thanks for caring and considering!

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