Friday, November 18, 2011

Thank You!

We live in a society where Christmas begins after Halloween and it is FAR from being about the birth of the Savior!  As a society, we have too much, yet never enough. Never have enough time but are filling our time with SO much, yet we are SO unhappy and ungrateful! 

I wanted to say thank you!  Thank you for putting complete strangers ahead of yourself and on your  to-do list.  Thank you for spending some money (when money is tight) to bless someone with something they could not even IMAGINE!!  Thank you for being the vehicle for helping a child learn about GOD'S UNCONDITIONAL LOVE!  For being a part of sharing the gospel with a child you may never meet, but who needs it so badly!

MOPS packed 25 shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child!  How awesome!  Now, I know we won't and can't all impact lives the same way.  So if you didn't do a shoe box (and let me be transparent and vulnerable here and tell you, I did not) you are not done! 

You can impact lives here and now.  Maybe it is someone in your own family, your own church, your own town or a stranger you happen across on your holiday travels.  It only takes ONE thing...ONE person, ONE kind word or gesture.  It is never too small or insignificant!  So, make the most out this holiday busyness that is upon us.  Enjoy your family, impact someone and LOVE your GOD!  And THANK him for the precious gift of life!  Not just yours but Jesus's!! 

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