Wednesday, December 7, 2011

MOPS Reminder

WOW, time flies! The Christmas season is in full gear and I am so excited. This year I feel so blessed and grateful for what God has provided me with. And I am so happy to share my blessings with others by blessing them. there is just something that makes the heart smile when you give!

And with the Christmas season busyness comes stress. Like it's little sidekick. We are already trying to fit shopping, wrapping, baking, programs, family gatherings and everyday life into a small amount of time! We begin to lose that feeling of gratitude and full heart. Because, quite frankly....we are TOO TIRED and stressed to sit and reflect on what we have.

Many of you were with us last year when Dawn Zuberbehler spoke to us. Well, she is back! And she is going to enlighten us with her wit, Godly heart and real life struggles. She will help us stay afloat and positive during this crazy season. Remember, JESUS is the reason for the season. What better way to celebrate his birth than doing what HE wants. Thanking God for what he has given us and share his love with others!

This week, we will be having a brunch. So bring your favorite brunch goodie and be ready to get your tank filled up! What a great way to continue on with this busy season than with fun, fellowship, laughter and food!? See you Thursday at 9:30!

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